Skill Development Workshops

Because pharmaceutical, device, and biotech employees have many challenges to deal with besides pure regulatory compliance issues, Lehecka Pratt Associates, Inc. has developed a series of skill development workshops that complement our regulatory compliance training workshops. These allow executives, directors, managers, and supervisors to fine-tune their skills sets and prepare for greater responsibility.

Due to the nature of these topics, these workshops are usually 1 to 2 days in length. If you have a skill development topic need that you don't see here, please contact us and ask.

Skill Development:

  • Project Management
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Time Management
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Meeting Management

Process Improvement:

  • Introduction to Investigations & Root Cause Analysis
  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
  • Risk Analysis
  • Minimizing Human Error
  • Defect and Error Awareness
  • CAPA
  • Handling NCRs
  • Risk Management