Custom Consulting Services

Lehecka Pratt Associates, Inc. can provide custom consulting services on a variety of production, quality, and regulatory compliance subjects. Call us to discuss your needs in detail, and we will provide a cost-effective, high quality solution. Following is a sampling of custom consulting projects:

  • Custom Training Program Design/Presentation - We can create and/or present a customized, innovative, interesting, and effective training program on your topic. We can also create it in an interactive online format.  Add us to your training "staff"!
  • Core Competencies/Training Effectiveness - No time to document core competencies or design effectiveness tools? Let us reach these goals for you.
  • "Corrective Action" Consultant - Turn to us to help formulate response solutions and corrective action implementation after FDA or ISO audits. We can help you get back on track to regulatory compliance.
  • Internal Audits - Send us a list of equipment/products/processes and we'll design an internal audit protocol for you or us to conduct. Save time when planning for GMP or ISO internal audits.
  • Designing Training Curricula - We can integrate all of your diverse training programs into job-specific training plans for each employee.